Biotech deals are everywhere this week! This is a surprise to me given the total lack of interest in the group last week. The exception of course being


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which rocked on its first day out of the box. The difference seems to be that Luminex is a biotech tool builder vs. being a tool user. Drug discovery companies fit into this latter group. The market apparently makes a distinction. Oh well.

That having been said, the real story this week is wireless. This is a screamin' group and you would do well to pay attention.

The IPO market has without question taken a turn towards cold. What do you do? Buy those sectors that are still working -- I call them

The Gold Standards

and they are:

  • Networking Technology
  • Software
  • Wireless Technology

Nothing in life is certain, but this I will guarantee: You will lose your shirt if you ignore the signs and continue to buy deals in cold or dead sectors.

Let's look at the deals: