School's Out, but Not for Gary B. - TheStreet

Does it get any greater than this? No, not the kickoff of



site -- which admittedly, being quite biased, I think is pretty great. No, I mean the fact that school is over!

Well, OK, maybe it's only great if you're a kid. If you're an adult


kids, well, then maybe it doesn't quite reach the "great" category. In fact, to be perfectly blunt, it's ... Oh, never mind, I'll just let my kids enjoy the time off for now!

Ah, but do us adults ever get a day off from learning? Hey, not this student. Truthfully, I learn something new about my trading almost every single day I'm in the market. You'd think after all these years, I'd at least have my Bachelors degree in trading. Instead, I feel like my daughter Diana: proud to be graduating elementary as a bona fide fifth-grader!

So, the education continues in this column with my special brand of charm, humility and oh-so-expert chart reading. Read on for seven charts that wormed their way into my mailbox this week ...


And that, folks, is how it's done. Don't know about you, but I'll be glued to the U.S. Open Golf Championship at Pebble Beach this weekend, where if it's as good as the last three played there (trivia: name those winners), then it should be some tasty eye candy!


Gary B. Smith

and Silicon Valley columnist

Adam Lashinsky

face-off at the first


conference, live in New York, June 28. The challenge: technical analysis vs. fundamental research.

Says Gary:

"Technical Analysis rules, especially when my adversary is the pitiful Adam Lashinsky. Don't believe me? Then come watch me square off with him." -- Gary B. Smith

Says Adam:

"Because I research *facts* about companies, I almost never agree with Gary B., who practices a form of voodoo called technical analysis. But when we get into the ring together, innocent bystanders generally enjoy themselves." --Adam Lashinsky

Surviving and Profiting in Treacherous Markets

June 28, 2000, Marriott World Trade Center, New York City.

For information and registration, go to

RealMoney Conferences.

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