If you had to come up with a mathematical quandary that would even stump the guy in

Good Will Hunting

, it would have to be this







If you thought it was hard going into last night given that 3Com owns Palm, except for a small stub, what can one think of it after last night's conference call? At one point I thought that 3Com was just Palm, then I thought it was just


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, then I thought it got out of the Cisco business, then I thought it was a pure networking play. I thought it was doing well; I thought it was doing badly. I thought the fundamentals were strong; then I thought they were weak.

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! And I obviously wasn't the only confused one considering the range this one has traded in.

Sometimes things are just plain too difficult. I remember stumbling into a course at


called "Logic." It was taught by this guy V.O. Quine. He started the class by putting up a giant equation and said if you couldn't solve it you should get up and leave.

I left.




Got an A.

Enough said.

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