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Saturday Special: Stocks and Bond Villains

Microsoft, Campbell Soup, National Discount Brokers, plus Oddjob, Jaws, Goldfinger and more.

The Bondophiles have spoken!

Last week, I asked for nominations for best Bond villain. Many nominations came in, including

Donald Pleasence

as Blofeld,

Harold Sakata

as Oddjob, and

Richard Kiel

as Jaws.

But, I defer to astute reader

Dave Evans

who, along with a few others, nailed not only my favorite villain, but my favorite line:

"How about Auric Goldfinger, played by

Gert Frobe

? The classic Goldfinger. Any movie with Pussy Galore, Oddjob (nice dome-wear) and this exchange with Bond (with a laser pointed at his groin) -- 'Do you expect me to talk?' Goldfinger: 'No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.' -- has to be the best," he writes.

Dave also mentioned the classic Goldfinger-Bond golf match. Therefore, this week's question: What course was it played on?

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TheStreet Recommends

So, what's this have to do with technical analysis? Um, nothing really. Just biding my time until swim season starts up again.

Questions? Charts? The name is Smith, Gary B. Smith at

Down With the DOT

Would you have a gander at the Internet Sector index? I think it's topped out (as of Aug. 27), and I have gone short (AMZN) , DoubleClickundefined and eBay (EBAY) based on that. -- Steve Cinquegrana

CMDL Breakout Breaking Down

Could you take a look at Comdial (CMDL) ? The volume was up significantly yesterday and today and the spikes seem to indicate something is happening. -- Dorothy Donelson

Lotte Confidence in PA

Best Bond Film actress: Lotte Lenya. Close second : Robert Shaw as Red Grant. TA stock question: Pimco Advisorsundefined. -- William Duke


Red Grant was a close second in the balloting, so I'll give the nod to PA.

NDB -- Not!

I consider myself to be a fundamentalist (not in the religious sense), but I really enjoy your presentations. I've noticed something lately that proves that you guys kick ass -- putting good product on the table on Friday night (or early Saturday morning). Most Web sites don't realize that they are trying to take market share away from the networks, so they go dormant after 4 p.m. on Friday. This is primetime! I just got my results from the CFA Level 1 (took for the first time), and I didn't pass. I'm really bummed, but it's good to have something worthwhile to read when I get home. I'm typically a value investor, but you guys always surprise, so I'm going to start taking a position in TheStreet.comundefined as a long-term investment. I've had really good luck trading National Discount Brokersundefined the last couple weeks. (I'm not a purist.) I thought yesterday was very interesting in that the discount brokerages were one of the only things that were up. I began using NDB on the touch-tone about five years ago when I first started investing and I am extremely loyal. I started out playing it as an arbitrage, so to speak, because it was lagging E*Tradeundefined on the way up and then it would always catch up by the end of the session. Over the past few weeks, it has seemed to be "hotter" than EGRP. I think this is because it is much cheaper in terms of price-to-sales. Would you do a TA on NDB at some point? -- Matt Felix


We always appreciate the nice words, so thanks. Here's NDB.

Mister Softee Fights Back

Would you try to fit Microsoft (MSFT) into one of your columns? I bought at an average of 84 recently, but can't get a handle on where it may be going from here. I'm siding with the fundamentals for now, but those are a little fuzzy at this time too. -- John Smith

Not Into INTU

Intuit (INTU) turned up at the end of the week. Does it need to clear its old high -- and which one? Or does the recent break of the trend line suffice? Best Bond bad guy? My fave is Robert Shaw. The worst were Christopher Walken/Grace Jones from the terrible Roger Moore era. (Have you warmed up to Pierce Brosnan yet?) -- Scott Womack


We're in agreement on that dreadful Roger Moore era. As for Brosnan, well, he just seems to be trying too hard. However, he made an excellent

Thomas Crown


In the Soup

What is going on with Campbell Soup (CPB) ? Any chance for an upside breakout? -- Stephen Kabak

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