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San Fran Chronicle's Herb Greenberg to Join

SAN FRANCISCO -- This is a special day at

. One of the best financial columnists in the business,

Herb Greenberg

, has decided to join our publication.

I recall when I first received an email from Herb about one year ago. I was thrilled that someone with his experience was taking an interest in what we were doing. An Internet pioneer, Herb has long hunted the still-young medium for interesting information and good journalism. Often both are equally tough to find.

He found both at


. Early on he was an avid supporter of what we are trying to do. He liked the well-researched stories, the clever writing style and the sharp attitude our reporters displayed in covering the world of finance. Herb also appreciated our corporate decision that staffers would not own stocks, but would instead be honest brokers of information.

Throughout the past year, even during difficult times for


, Herb would always have a kind email about one story or another. It was clear early on that he was an ally. And for start-up publications, allies are tough to come by, especially from the established world of print journalism.

Herb has developed a devoted following at the

San Francisco Chronicle

during the past ten years. Consistently sniffing out good stories, Herb has become an institution at the


TheStreet Recommends

and throughout the Bay Area. We anticipate that he will bring the same verve to

, and that in the years ahead, Herb will develop the same kind of following he has enjoyed in the Bay Area on a global basis, with the Internet acting as his platform.

I know that Herb's choice to join


was a difficult one. He has many friends at the


, and though the Internet continues to grow, it is still early days for the medium. But I am certain that Herb will become known as one of those gutsy professionals who saw the future and grabbed a piece of it before the exciting and enthralling formative years passed on by.

Herb, like the rest of us at


, marvel at the opportunity to toil in the early days of a medium. It is like having the chance to work in the young days of radio or television. Risks, thrills and rewards pepper every working day, and Herb will soon be a vital part of the entire process.

In the weeks ahead, members of

will get the chance to read Herb and become familiar with his friendly, intelligent and insightful writing style. He is a tireless worker with a multiplicity of talents. I am honored that he would find

the appropriate venue for him. I look forward to his arrival in the coming weeks. I'll keep you posted.