Running With the Bulls

Yeah, they are stampeding today. And it is not being done with Microsoft.
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Yeah, they are stampeding today. And it is not being done with


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. It's being done with the stuff that goes up when interest rates have peaked. You just don't get these kinds of moves idly. This is a powerful, powerful move and it should be respected.

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Look at your screen. Scan the prices. Check with your broker. Examine these prices. This is a broad-based ABT

rally, and I don't see it running out just yet. Especially with mutual funds flush and their instincts are to put more money to work.

When people speak of a healthy advance/decline, this is it.

Glad I didn't listen to the

Ursa Majors

. They should ship a whole bunch of them to Pamplona to put out as bait. For a few laughs.

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