Have you seen the holders of


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, the stock that split without shareholder authorization? It is a

Who's Who

of the momentum/growth funds.

These guys tend to get scared by something like McKesson -- no kidding -- scared to the point where they question everything. So you see whole MCK high-growth sectors of the market selling off.

At the same time, the cyclical love affair continues. Which would you rather own: a company worth billions selling for billions or a company worth millions selling for billions? Which would you rather own: a company with a teenage P/E based on low expectations or a company with a teenage P/E based on newly lowered earnings? Or one with high growth that turns out to be negative growth?

It is not just the love affair with the


, it is the newfound hate affair with the MCK that is causing the switch today. Do not underestimate the power of an MCK to shake the core foundations of growth investors.

It happened with



, too. People would rather hide in a grimy smokestack than be found outright in an automated hospital records room.

The pain -- and the rotation that is going with -- could last through to options expiration.

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