Can I stop hitting up



now? Can I stop counting the points I left on the table? And who the *&^$&^$# is buying it up here?


let me know how you can live with yourself. What are you thinking? Even if this is the son of


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, can the son keep rising?

Earlier this week for I wrote an article for


saying who needs Redback, I have Cisco. Before the ink was even dry, Redback hasn't stopped moving. This stock is making me feel like my wife felt when I used to say: We've got to learn these


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and stop trading these





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Needless to say, today's remonstration period was limited to trying to develop a method of keeping the Redbacks on our sheets without losing our sanity or getting vertigo.

As of 4:20 p.m. we hadn't figured it out yet.

Random musings:

Tried to snare some

Phelps Dodge

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on news of this


(AR) - Get Report





More copper coming out of production from that merger.

Looking forward to my


chat at 5 p.m. today. If you started trading for the first time three weeks ago you must be scratching your head thinking, "why does everyone say this game is so hard?"

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