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Not yet! Please, keep them down a little while longer. I could only get 10,000 of my fave Net plays, and as it is my first 10,000 I need them to go lower.

There you have a schematic of my mind. When you are positioned well you root against the stocks you love. When you are positioned poorly you root for them; you hope. There is no place for hope in trading.

This morning was the classic blow-off; futures drive the stock market down, then real buyers come in and the futures guys walk away. Problem is, it is only 10:15. Long day ahead.

Friday. Never know with Fridays. Which is why I am not taking stocks now. I got some good bites in when the market was getting crushed. Now it is lifting. Could be a fake-out, so I am not chasing up



, as much as it finally hit where I thought it would go.

But I am not selling what I am up on, and I am not dumping anything. We are nice and oversold, which I like. However, it is too glib to expect the market, particularly the tech market, to ramp right back. Too many


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out there; too much disappointment.

Nevertheless, I saw some

article on the site about not buying on the dips and I didn't bother to click on it. I think it is wrong. Enough said.

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