Robert Rubin's Not Worth Two Bucks to Citigroup

Cramer's not buying the stock up on the reports that Rubin is taking a senior post.
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Nobody loves

Bob Rubin

more than I do, with the possible exception of his family. But this morning when I heard the rumor that he was going to


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, with the stock at 49, I took a pass. Right now I look wrong. The announcement that Rubin will take a senior post at Citi nudged the stock up another dollar.

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Citi is a huge, well-run company. If Rubin were to go to some firm that was having trouble, I would be buying it up five.


Sandy Weill

is probably the only guy who may be better at running a bank than Rubin. These guys don't even need him.

Maybe that's my jealousy for not having done the trade. But give me a break. Citigroup has two of my favorite survivors at the helm, Weill and

John Reed


Now they have three.

That's not worth two bucks.

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