Risk Returns With a Vengeance - TheStreet

Thar's risk in them thar stocks! For a couple of weeks we had a pretty benign environment, as tech stock after tech stock seemed to indicate that things were just fine.

But this morning


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dropped 17 over some slowing in orders and


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blew up. The next thing you know, the


are getting hit like the old days. Citrix, even though it was down a huge percentage last week, turned out to be more loved than we thought. We were under the impression that a lot of the high-growth funds had already bolted from this one-time darling. Wrong!

What a cruel reminder of the days when stocks went down 10 and 12 points at a clip and the only good news was a cancelled secondary.

We are scanning for opportunities and are finding them in the same old haunts: optical, storage and wireless names that are down. We are not being aggressive.

On days like today we are reminded that it is a lot easier to make money in


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-- thanks


-- than it is in tech. And you can sleep at night, too!

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