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) -- There have been some major trend changes in financial markets recently and it looks as though more investments are about to follow suit.

It has been an exciting bull market ride for stocks and metals while the dollar has plummeted. But it looks as though these trends' time is up, at least for a few weeks. Traders and investors will slowly pull money off the table to lock in gains or cut losses and re-evaluate the overall market condition before stepping back up to the plate and taking another swing.

Below are a few charts showing some possible money-making trade ideas in the weeks ahead.

ProShares 20-Year+ Treasury Note Inverse Fund


ProShares 20-Year+ Treasury Note Inverse Fund

(TBT) - Get PowerShares UltraShort Lehman 20+ Year Treasury ProShares Report

moves inversely to the price of longer-dated Treasuries. Looking at the chart below, you can see the recent reversal that took place. We had a great entry point shortly after this reversal using my low-risk setup strategy.

Falling bond prices are considered to have a negative impact on equities because they imply that interest rates may start rising. That, in turn, means more investors could pull money out of stocks and put that money into a safe interest-earning investment.

You will typically see bonds change direction before equities. That being said, the chart below is an inverse fund, so when this bond fund goes up, it actually indicates bond yields are falling. I will admit these inverse funds really throw my brain for a loop at times. I prefer the good old days of buying long and selling short -- so simple and clean.

PowerShares DB US Dollar Bull Index Fund


PowerShares DB US Dollar Bull Index

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fund tracks the greenback and allows equity traders to gain exposure to currencies. The chart below shows a possible trend reversal for the dollar. If the dollar continues to rally it will be a good sign that interest rates could be rising in the near future, implying more downward pressure on equities.

ProShares Inverse S&P 500 Index Fund


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ProShares Inverse S&P 500 Index Fund

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and bear funds like it make it possible for traders and investors to profit from a falling market using a regular buy-and-sell strategy. These funds also can be traded in retirement accounts, making them attractive investments for those wishing to play a falling market.

This chart moves inversely to the S&P 500 index. As the S&P 500 falls, this fund rallies.

The strategy we just used to play the recent rally is the same strategy we will use during a bear market, but instead of trading the

SPDR S&P 500

(SPY) - Get S&P 500 ETF TRUST ETF Report

, we are trading this fund.

It is important to note that while bull market rallies tend to drag out, bear markets typically have faster movements. Fear is much more powerful than greed, which is why the stock market drops faster than it goes up.

SPDR Gold Shares

SPDR Gold Shares

(GLD) - Get SPDR Gold Shares ETF Report

also appear to be topping and could actually be starting to form a head-and-shoulders reversal pattern.

Midweek Trend Trading Conclusion

In short, understanding intermarket analysis is crucial for traders/investors. Not understanding how various markets affect one other can be very costly in the long run.

Remember that volatility and volume rise together at the end of a trend. You can view the recent volatility index (VIX) to see its price action also. Focus on trading with the trend. Bounces in a down trend are typically muted or go sideways, making it very difficult to make money by buying in a falling stock market.

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