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Rhyme and Reason

Cramer is wrestling with this market's day-to-day indecision and finds that unless you have total conviction, days like today are bound to shake you out.
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"Eenie meenie minie moe. Catch a tiger by its toe. My mother says it was up yesterday so it goes down today!"

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Helpful? It's been making me money.

At least you know that you are not the only one who finds this market excruciating. The fluctuations here are spooking pros and amateurs alike.

We are wrestling with this market's day-to-day indecision and find that unless you have total conviction, days like today are bound to shake you out.

Bizarrely, the only indicator that has been making me any real money is the


! This is an index that measures stress in the system. When it is highest and most crazed, you have to buy aggressively and when it slinks toward 20, you have to lighten up. With the index down here at 22, we see selling.

Look, it's a correlation in a market that simply has ceased to correlate. Take it where you can get it.

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cautious call from

Morgan Stanley

was given wings by

Maria Bartiromo

today. Again, America's most powerful analyst wreaks havoc off of a fairly benign call. ... You could have gotten this



call from the

Boston Globe

last Friday. Of course, I just got mine today. Reminds me to cancel the hard copy and rely on the Net exclusively. (Truth be told, I like the sports section.)

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