Oh no, it's a revenge of the also-ran dot-coms!

Edgar Online


, which has wallowed since its offering, has suddenly exploded to the upside, up a quick seven.



, which was threatening to see its offering price, just ramps right through it. Lowly

Fashion Mall.com


is having a fantabulous day.

What the heck is going on?

I had a feeling it might be a revenge of the also-rans this weekend when I saw that nifty



ad while watching


. And then I saw the action in



, which should come out of lock-up status soon.

But who knows how this gets started. And will it last now that I have spotted a pattern that others have clearly spotted before me?

Wouldn't you know it, and now it is



turn. The news is that

Elaine Garzerelli

will write for them! I thought she wrote for CBS MarketWatch.

Count me out. I have enough problems staying long the so-called blue chips of the Net!

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