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OK, let's call this "Return to Normalcy:

Part Two." Just charts, and a few comments. Am I too bearish? Too bullish? I don't know: I just call 'em as I see 'em.

And, remember, the nice folks who sent in these chart requests did so well before last week's debacle. So if their questions seem naive, it's no fault of their own! (Although the charts themselves reflect Friday closing prices).

And finally, we need to add a little fun to the proceedings, so take our little poll at the end of this column. Oh, and questions? Remember, our address is and, really, if you write something nasty, at least have the common decency to sign your real name!

Down But Not Out

Gary: I've learned a considerable amount from your writings, and have also made a few bucks. Mercury Interactive (MERQ) has had a great run, but turned down in early March; currently broken but trying to recover. What is your take? Dr. Al Simpson

A Friday Survivor

Gary: Can you post your thoughts on Braun Consulting (BRNC) . Many thanks,
Steve Dieterle

Should You Buy the Trendline?

Gary: A humble request for a Juniper Networks (JNPR) - Get Juniper Networks, Inc. Report chart, a stock that has allowed me to make mistakes and still make money. Best regards,
Mike Anthony

Wait For A Sign -- Any Sign

Gary: What is your read on Akamai Technologies (AKAM) - Get Akamai Technologies, Inc. Report, now that it has been publicly traded for nearly six months? Scott Buechler

Heading For the Bottom?

Gary: Local subscriber from Chevy Chase, Md., I'm putting in my vote for a chart of Applied Micro Circuits (AMCC) . Thank you,
Peter Gregor

TheStreet Recommends

Hoping For The Best

Gary: I love your column, your TV segments, and admire the fact that you'll admit to a prediction gone bad. Can I have your comments on PSInet (PSIX) ? Nick Palmiotto

One Trend Worth Watching

Gary: Really enjoy reading your commentaries. What do you think of Imclone Systems (IMCL) ? Regards,
Douglas Cannon

Throwing in the Towel Too Soon

Gary: As a tribute to Julian Robertson, what's your read on Federal-Mogul (FMO) - Get Fiduciary/Claymore Energy Infrastructure Fund Report? Mark Porter

Familial Regrets

Gary: My son bought a lot of Verity (VRTY) , and he talked his sister into doing the same. They are at a loss as to what to do now. Any thoughts? Len Sklar

Where will the Nasdaq Composite bottom?

We hit it today!


2900 -- 2800

2799 -- 2500

2500 or lower

Gary B. Smith is a freelance writer who trades for his own account from his Maryland home using technical analysis. At time of publication, he held no positions in any securities mentioned in this column, although holdings can change at any time. Under no circumstances does the information in this column represent a recommendation to buy or sell stocks. Smith writes five technical analysis columns for each week, including Technician's Take, Charted Territory and TSC Technical Forum. While he cannot provide investment advice or recommendations, he welcomes your feedback at