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Repo Men

Here's how margin clerks, with their Repo Man ways, help another Net buyer to bite the dust.
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These margin clerks better put paper bags over their heads on the way home tonight. They have been gaffing people so hard in this last hour that they dare not show their faces on the streets of Wall and Broad.

This last half hour has heard a lot of these conversations.

"Has Mr. Phelps sent in any collateral?" asks the repo man.

Silence from the broker.

"Well you better sell his Ya-hoo exclamation point."




, it is one of the few profitable companies on the Net," the broker says.

"I don't care what it is. It is $125 worth of capital, oops, make that $120," the repo man says.

"Well, but, ah ..."

"Sell it."

And another Net buyer bites the dust.

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