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TSC Pays Tribute to Bill Meehan

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A Look Back at Some of Bill Meehan's Columns

On Wall Street, where you can almost


the money change hands on a daily basis, it's easy to be lured to the dark side by the sirens of wealth. During my time in this business, I've seen money make good people do bad things. It is the unique individual who maintains integrity, perspective and wholesomeness in the face of such temptation.

Bill Meehan was such a man.

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The highest compliment that I can offer somebody, when talking among my friends, is to say that he's one of us. That means somebody has character and possesses the qualities that we look for in friends. That they're real.

When I was honored by United Cerebral Palsy, Bill was one of the first people to walk in the door. I remember how proud he was to be there and show support for a worthy cause. He spent hours with those less fortunate, offering a smile and handshake, and bringing warmth to the circle of people around him. And after they showed a video of my ailing grandfather Ruby, Bill walked to me with tears in his eyes and hugged me tight.

I was chatting with Bill on Instant Message the morning of Sept. 11, and he was offering me his thesis on the market in his usual lighthearted approach. It's funny, for a man who got it right so often, he had the uncanny ability to get his point across without talking at you. Yes, he was very good at what he did, but he was even better at who he was.

And that is what I'll miss the most.

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Todd Harrison.