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TSC Pays Tribute to Bill Meehan

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A Look Back at Some of Bill Meehan's Columns

Bill Meehan was known on Wall Street as a moneymaker, which is high praise in the financial community. But he was also known as a super person, which transcends any financial acumen, in my book.

I was lucky enough to have experienced his friendship and generosity firsthand. I began writing for

a year ago, and fortunately I have saved the emails that I received in response to my early columns. Bill was the first columnist to personally welcome me to the


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fold. In that initial message of friendship, he said that he admired my thought process and hoped to hear more from me.

I was flabbergasted that a person of his stature would take the time to reach out to a rookie columnist. Working for a tremendous firm known as the bond brokers' broker, he surely didn't need to seek my input about the bond market. I will treasure his offer of friendship forever.

I used to be an equity trader before switching to the bond side, and I had long admired his work. As we communicated back and forth, I grew even more impressed with Bill's thought process and integrity. After I remarked to him about how a negative call from last fall might be perceived, he told me that we have a responsibility to think clearly and then speak our mind.

His messages of honesty, integrity and friendship will stay with me forever.

Brian Reynolds is a Chartered Financial Analyst who spent more than 16 years as a fixed-income portfolio manager and economist at David L. Babson & Co. in Cambridge, Mass. He currently writes and lectures about investment issues and trades for his own account. At the time of publication, he had no positions in any of the securities mentioned in this column, although holdings can change at any time. Under no circumstances does the information in this column represent a recommendation to buy or sell. He welcomes feedback at

Brian Reynolds.