Red-Tag Discounts

Cramer's still putting money to work on weaker stocks with stronger earnings.
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Jittery tape ahead of


. Jittery tape after earnings. Guess I should be shaking more. But I am still putting money to work on those weaker stocks with those stronger earnings. Taking advantage of the red-tag sale, I guess you could say.


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doesn't help.


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certainly hurts.



certainly stings.

Bring it on, I say. The pessimism is helpful here.

But be patient. Yesterday,

Ron Insana

held up a chart about a July curse on


. We only have a few more trading days in July to show that chart, so you can expect you'll see more of it.

That's why I am buying on a scale. What does it mean for us? We buy 10,000 shares of

America Online


down 2 and then we wait until it's down 4. (Ouch!


was dead right last night --'s

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blithe analysis hurt the whole Net, including AOL.) Remember, we do this kind of buying because we are underconfident about the market's prospects, but we want the market's pessimism to work for us.

And man, is there some pessimism today!

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