The Achilles' heel behind the Red Hots was always that one day a prominent one would blow up. You couldn't get any more prominent than MicroStrategy (MSTR) - Get Report, which was loved the way people love a home team. $20 billion worth of home-team prominence.

Call them the



Holy cow, today was a bad day for the bulls. The bears were growling all day, looking for prey after they ate that salmon Mister. You could see the pawprints everywhere once the bears broke out of the trap.

The whole concept of owning a concept stock requires that conceptually you agree that the concept is growing faster than a speeding bullet.

Today we found out MicroStrategy was shooting blanks.

Now we have to wait and see which salmon can swim upstream past the bears. With just a few weeks left of the quarter I am in no hurry to get into that cold water and find them. I would rather have the bears do the winnowing.

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