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Recovery Effort Continues

Despite a fierce attempt by the bears to spoil things, the market kept on keepin' on today.
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Another recovery day. The bad guys tried to spook them down and they couldn't.

They tried to crack the


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and the


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, but that gambit seemed to fail.

Now we have a big number to get through tomorrow. I am not fearful of the employment number because a strong one never seems to get the tech bulls down. They revel in the

S&P 500

decline and use it to build positions. It's only us old guys that still relate interest-rate woes to the selling of all stocks. Only the pre-Net economy really seems to get hurt.


encirclement action could happen tomorrow if there is no decline. The shorts didn't have time to bring in their positions -- the bottom happened so fast -- that they are still lingering, still extended.

I can't wait! I love a good battle.

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