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Recent Moves Shake Faith in Biotech

Meanwhile, back in the <I>TSC</I> lab, the test-tube rotisserie league continues to grow.
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Is it okay to root against biotech for a couple of days, at least until we can learn more of the names? Our rotisserie league draft pool is adding an additional 10 candidates because you have sent us so many good ones that we think our draft was too limiting.

While it would seem highly unlikely that a giant pullback would occur, in the time since my last posting,

Human Genome


declined 20 points. I know that is one point in the






world, but it is still a decline. These breathtaking moves are beginning to take up some of the more ignominious biotechs. We debated buying






at one point today, signaling that we are drinking the dregs, which still taste better than the single malts that the banks and retailers offer.

Either way, keep weighing in on those

boards. We even lowered the size threshold a tad as we want to find the next



or HGSI while we are at it.