RealMoney Radio: Toyota Standing Tall

Cramer says the Japanese automaker is the best in the business.
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Given that gasoline prices have gone up about 60 cents in the last month, you might be wondering if anybody out there is buying cars, Jim Cramer told his

"RealMoney" radio show listeners Wednesday.

They're not buying American cars, he said, because U.S. automakers are still "caught in the past," when consumers still liked gas-guzzling SUVs.

But Asian automakers decided to make the cars of the 21st century. Among these carmakers, Cramer said that


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is the company that he has endorsed for about five years.

Toyota made the bet that consumers would want a more fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly car, he said. That makes it "the best manufacturer of the cars we want right now."

Plus, he said that the company is very well-run.


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General Motors

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are often in the news because they have to lay people off, have inventory problems, have union problems or are paying too much for parts, he said.

But Cramer said Toyota has none of those problems. Moreover, he said that "this company will hire as many Americans as the amount that GM or Ford will fire."

Losing Edge


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was once the leader of the pack, Cramer said, adding that he used to own the stock for his

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But the company has been surpassed in quality and profit as percentage of sales by

Advanced Micro Devices

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Now Intel has announced that it will spend a lot of money to get people in the Third World to get on the PC bandwagon, which seems very generous. But Cramer said that if you dig deeper, there's more to the story.

He pronounced the U.S. PC market "dead," given the fact that 80% of Americans own a computer. Unless a new operating system hits the market, he said, there will be no room for growth.

But in emerging nations, PC ownership accounts for only 2.8% of the population. However, people in poor, developing nations can't afford a computer. Intel is trying to make a PC that's affordable and provide wireless service so it can access the growth potential in these markets.

But Cramer said AMD is ahead of the game in this area, too, and that it could get a super-cheap computer out there first. The company is even thinking of creating a hand-crank PC that would sell for under $100, he added.

This just goes to show that Intel has lost its edge, he said.

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