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Many of you have been on a diet since the beginning of the year, Cramer said on his "RealMoney" radio show, and if the going has been slow, you can still make money on the diet business.

The one company that has had the most consistent, successful track record for weight loss is the one that forces people to change the way they eat and take care of themselves, he said, referring to

Weight Watchers

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With the stock down a $1 on a Lehman downgrade, Cramer said he would sink his teeth into it.

Cramer said that the company, which was spun off by



, is well-run company and will be around as long as people need to lose weight.

In the world of diet drugs, he suggested taking a look at


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, a company that he said also has good management.

What it does best is take prescription drugs that have come off patent and "make great hay with them," once they are eligible for over-the-counter sales, Cramer said, which is what they did with Nicorette.

Glaxo is waiting for approval to sell the diet drug Xenical, and Cramer believes that it will happen later in the year. And even though the drug's side effects include flatulence and diarrhea, he said it's still likely to be a big seller.

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People took phen-fen, and that produced heart attacks, he said, adding that some people will take just about any pill to lose weight.

But even though


( NSI) is a much-loved stock, he doesn't recommend it.

It was up 17 points the day before, he said, and he doesn't want investors to dive into this soaring stock at these levels.

In other consumer-centered businesses, he said to be wary of

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, even though it just reported a big $10 billion revenue.

He said the stock didn't vault on the news because Amazon had huge expenses. "They are spending a ton of money to get new customers," he said. "We like growth, but we don't want to have to pay for it."


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added 600,000 customers in the most recent quarter, and it didn't spend money to get them, Cramer said.

Cramer said that the spending at Amazon shows that business is slowing and that the company is trying to "stoke it." He said that he would take a look at

Barnes & Noble

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( BGP) instead.

And in his final consumer thought for the day, he said that choice is the new reality for companies that want to meet consumer demand.

The nation's largest beer company,


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, is broadening its beer products after trying for a long time to produce a single beer that would appeal to everyone, Cramer said.

But the company finally realized that this doesn't work in a time of consumer choice, he said. Beer drinkers want small beers, which could be why

Boston Beer

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is at a 52-week-high, he added. "Beer drinkers want region and niche beers."

"I will give BUD the fact that it had a good quarter," he said, adding that over the last few years the company has introduced about 20 different beers.

The quest for a universal taste is a thing of the past, Cramer said, using


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as examples.

Snack-food performance is best way to judge whether Pepsi is doing well, not soda, he said. So he told listeners that he is going to start looking at companies that meet local and diverse consumer demands.

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