RealMoney Radio: Tech Tock

Cramer says that tech is regaining its footing and that he's interested in companies that reported good quarters.
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Even in this down market, lots of listeners called in to talk to Jim Cramer Monday on his

"RealMoney" radio show.

Cramer told the first caller that


(QCOM) - Get Report

is among the handful of tech companies he would consider buying at these levels. He owns the stock for his charitable trust

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Cramer believes that tech is getting its footing and that he's interested in companies that reported good earnings even amid a huge market selloff.

But he would stay away from


(INTC) - Get Report



(CSCO) - Get Report



(DELL) - Get Report


However, Cramer would be interested in Qualcomm and

Advanced Micro Devices

(AMD) - Get Report


A caller said that he likes the fundamentals behind


(HPQ) - Get Report

and was considering buying the stock on weakness. Cramer liked that idea, adding that "even the good stocks do not hold up under this kind of onslaught."

He said that many people are afraid of buying anything right now because they've heard that the market is bad. However, Cramer said that this is also an opportunity to cheaply buy solid stocks such as H-P.

Like Qualcomm, Cramer said that H-P's business is very strong. He would also use this bear market as an opportunity to buy small amounts of companies such as

Marvell Tech

(MRVL) - Get Report





Cramer said the he believes that oil and oil services stocks are bottoming, and that he would take a closer look at


(COP) - Get Report


However, he cautioned that it's foolish for anyone to believe that they know when a stock has bottomed, so he would buy any stock in small increments.

Too often we've seen the market overshoot to the downside, he said. So even though "ConocoPhillips may be the single best oil company out there today" and one of the most shareholder-friendly, Cramer said he would buy some common stock and then hope the price comes in a bit.

If it does, he said he would then we willing to pick up more shares or buy an options strategy.

A caller said the he just sold all of his



for a nice profit, and was wondering whether he should go in and buy some more now that the stock has fallen.

Cramer first congratulated the caller for buying low and selling high, and added that he is not as fond of JDSU as he once was.

He said that the company reported a good quarter, but also issued a convertible bond. This means that the company has issued more debt, similar to taking out a second mortgage.

The company didn't need to do this, he said, but the fundamentals are still good and business is strong. With the price cut in half due to the selloff, he said he would consider buying more JDSU.

Cramer also said he would be interested in


(GLW) - Get Report

if it falls below $20 from its current price just below $23, as well as


(CNXT) - Get Report


Finally, Cramer told a caller that

Abercrombie & Fitch

(ANF) - Get Report

was taken down by bearish comments from


(LOW) - Get Report


Management at the retailer said some negative things about how they perceive the retail landscape, and the company joined big-box stores

Home Depot

(HD) - Get Report



(TGT) - Get Report

in saying that business is not that good.

But Abercrombie still reported a great quarter, and Cramer likes the stock. He said not to be worried about the fact that people are pulling out of the teen retailer in order to buy established retailers such as Target and Lowe's on the cheap.

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Qualcomm.

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