Jim Cramer told his first

"RealMoney" radio show caller Monday that now is not the time for him to buy more

Las Vegas Sands

(LVS) - Get Report


The caller bought the stock in the low-$50s, and the stock is now in the low-$70s. Cramer said that he would take a quarter of his position off the table and lock in a profit. "Word is out that Macau is producing some fabulous returns for the company," Cramer said. "Once the good news is out, we want to be more inclined to sell ... We need to recognize that when other people have heard the good news, it's later than we like."

Cramer also said that stocks like


( TRB) and

New York Times

(NYT) - Get Report

are "coiled springs."

These stocks have been stuck for a long time at a particular level, and then they suddenly move up, he said.

The tendency is to say that they've been stuck and that now they're finally moving higher it's time to ring the register and make some money, Cramer said. But that would be wrong.

Once unstuck, Cramer said that Tribune could run higher for 3 or 4 points, so he wouldn't cash in yet. Let it go to $31 or $32, and then move on to better pastures, he said, adding that he likes Internet more than newspaper stocks.

A caller said that he had 101 shares of

Dominos Pizza

(DPZ) - Get Report

, and that he took 25 shares off the table because the stock has moved up significantly.

Cramer said that this was the right thing to do, and that he would even be inclined to take another 25 shares off. He mentioned that David A. Brandon, the chief executive of the company, had appeared on his "Mad Money" television show a few weeks ago. During

that appearance, "

Brandon did a compelling job explaining why the company's long-term forecast could be great," Cramer said.

But even though international business could help over a longer period of time, Cramer said that he was not blown away by the company's most recent quarter.

Cramer told a listener that he would wait for


(CIB) - Get Report

to fall below $30 before buying the stock.

He pointed out that the largest bank in Columbia has weathered the saber-rattling of surrounding socialist governments, but that things were still unsure enough in Peru that he would wait and enter Bancolombia at a lower price.

He said the only Latin American bank he is currently embracing is

Banco Itau

( ITU).

He said that now is a great entry point for


(CIEN) - Get Report

and that he would put on half a position here. "Hope it goes below $4, but it probably won't," he said.

A listener sent Cramer an email asking whether he has identified the next Will Danoff, who manages the

(FCNTX) - Get Report

Fidelity Contrafund. Cramer has long said that it's the fund to buy because Danoff is the best manager around, but Contrafund has closed its doors.

Cramer told the listener that he has two new fund picks, although both of them have fees that are higher than the fees for Contrafund. The net is good and these managers will far exceed their benchmarks, he said.

He said he likes Richie Freeman, who manages the


SmithBarney Aggressive Growth fund, and Rich Pzena, who runs the

(JCVRX) - Get Report

John Hancock Classic Value Fund.

A caller said that he owns



, which owns American Airlines, and that he got it for about $5. Cramer said not to sell it all at once, but that it's time to start taking some off the table.

"You have benefited greatly by a reevaluation of the airlines," Cramer said.

And even though Cramer has liked

Alon USA Energy


since it was at $21, he said that he cannot sanction buying any more until it pulls back to $30.

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