RealMoney Radio: Hansen, Hands Down

Cramer says the beverage company is the hottest stock in the market.
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is the hottest company in our stock market, bar none," Jim Cramer told his

"RealMoney" radio show listeners Thursday. But he told his first caller that now is not the time to buy.

The gigantic energy drink company's stock was $30 this time last year, and now it sells for $184. Plus, it's only down $17 from its 52-week high.

It hasn't come in enough, said Cramer, adding that he would wait for it to hit $160 or $170 before buying.

He told another caller that

Tata Motors

(TTM) - Get Report

could someday surpass

General Motors

(GM) - Get Report



(F) - Get Report

, but that the stock has been gripped by momentum and is currently falling prey to profit-taking.

Tata Motors has had a huge run higher, so he said that he would wait a day before buying. Plus, he said that it's important not to buy all at once, since you can never be sure that a stock has hit its bottom.

A caller wanted to know about


(MO) - Get Report

, a stock that Cramer until very recently owned for his charitable trust

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Cramer said that he sold his entire position in Altria because of Wednesday's "very discouraging analyst meeting." The chief executive talked about how he could not be rushed into splitting the company into three separate divisions, and Cramer had owned the stock in part because he was hoping that this split would come sooner than later.

Plus, the company pays out a 4.3% yield, which had seemed pretty good. But now that the

Federal Reserve

has raised the overnight lending rate to 5%, you can earn more by holding cash, which has is a fairly no-risk proposition.

He said that he would wait and buy it at lower price if he wants to get back into the stock, but that right now the big cyclical industrial companies are more exciting.

Cramer called



a challenged company that he had problems with when he owned it for

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He said that it has "shafted shareholders in two ways," by missing earnings repeatedly and by selling itself to



for too little money.


(CVS) - Get Report

is growing at 16%, but its P/E ratio is only 18, Cramer said. Since he would be willing to pay up to twice the earnings growth, he would buy it until the stock price rose to a level where the P/E ratio hit about 30. He said in the drugstores, CVS is good,


(RAD) - Get Report

is speculative and that



is best of breed.

A caller wanted to know if


(MRVL) - Get Report

would be a good tech name to add to his portfolio.

Cramer said that this is not the right choice because the company is having a bit of a slowdown, even though it's a good play for fast-growing tech areas like wireless video game controllers. The company is also levered to personal computers, and he believes that the PC business is slowing.

He said that a better play is


(QCOM) - Get Report

, which he owns for

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Qualcomm.

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