RealMoney Radio: Falling Too Far Too Fast

Cramer says investors eschew Google -- and Yahoo!, which he calls the best opportunity in tech.
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The first caller to Jim Cramer's

"RealMoney" radio show Tuesday asked about



, which was highlighted in a


story last week.

"The article was very, very fair," said Cramer, adding that the story focused on the quality management of CEO Terry Semel and CFO Susan Decker.

"I am an owner of Yahoo! for my trust," Cramer said.

He added that Yahoo! has fallen too far and too fast and that a lot of people are giving up on it as well as the other Web behemoth


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Cramer particularly likes Yahoo!'s plan of using excess capital to buy back stock. "It's the best opportunity in technology," he said.

The second caller had inherited some





(T) - Get Report

stock and wanted to know whether to keep or sell those the shares.

"A lot of people feel that the economy is slowing, and utilities like those two companies tend to do well in an economic slowdown," Cramer said. He told the caller that she didn't need to own both stocks and should probably sell her stake in BellSouth.

Cramer used the opportunity to mention that AT&T was a better choice for investors than rival telecom giant


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and urged listeners to switch out of the stock.

The next caller asked whether he should switch out of

Bank of America

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J.P. Morgan Chase

(JPM) - Get Report


The caller had bought the stock higher than its current price and hence had lost some value over the past two weeks.

Cramer was undeterred. He said the current price weakness was a great opportunity for investors with fairly low-risk tolerance to purchase a high-quality stock.

He was also keen on


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The next caller asked about



. Cramer noted that Motorola was in head-to-head competition with Finnish company


(NOK) - Get Report


Although Cramer likes both stocks, he favors Nokia in part because of the $1.4 billion in stock that the company bought back in the last quarter.

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Yahoo!.

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