The first caller to Jim Cramer's

"RealMoney" radio show Thursday asked about



, which is an infrastructure engineering and construction company.

The caller already owned the stock, but Cramer said, "I want you to buy more."

Cramer purchased some URS stock yesterday for his charitable trust

Action Alerts PLUS. And he highlighted that the stock trades at only 20 times future earnings.

The next caller wanted to know whether

Polo Ralph Lauren

(RL) - Get Report

would make a suitable stock purchase.

Polo's main competitors


(JWN) - Get Report






(VFC) - Get Report

all reported "great earnings numbers."

"People didn't believe all the goodness coming from Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom and Coach," he said. "But they did for VF because the company increased the dividend."

"I would be a buyer of Ralph Lauren," Cramer said. But he cautioned investors to wait. "People have lost so much money. They are shooting first and asking questions later."

Although Cramer wasn't a fan of the food made by

Hain Celestial

(HAIN) - Get Report

, he gave the stock "two thumbs up."

"I do believe that Hain has a hammerlock on

Whole Foods


business," he said. "The secular, long-term trend is toward natural food."

The next caller asked whether to buy shares of

Apple Computer

(AAPL) - Get Report

. "If you own Apple, I'd buy more," he said. "If you don't, I'd wait until it reaches $59 a share."

A later caller asked about stock of

Nabors Industries

(NBR) - Get Report

. Cramer said he recently had the pleasure of meeting Nabors' CEO Gene Isenberg. "I feel that Nabors is the No. 1 drilling company in the world," said Cramer.

Cramer said that he bought some Nabors stock for his charitable trust

Action Alerts PLUS on Wednesday.

Another caller asked about buying stock in online auctioneer


(EBAY) - Get Report

, which announced that it has made a strategic alliance with



, a stock Cramer also owns for his trust.

"I think the dot-com group is coming back," he said. But he cautioned buyers to "hit the eject button" when the price of eBay reaches $34 or $35 a share.

The next caller asked about buying shares of

Occidental Petroleum

(OXY) - Get Report

. "Occidental is the purest play on the price of oil," said Cramer.

"They are making money the old fashioned way, when the price of oil goes up they produce more." The stock would be a good buy for those bullish on the price of oil.

What about shares of

Sara Lee



"I keep waiting for new CEO Brenda Barnes to do something," he said.

"Normally food stocks should be rallying. The reason this one isn't is that no one feels she has gotten her arms around the issues at Sara Lee."

He urged listeners to consider


(K) - Get Report


As for shares in media giant

Time Warner


, Cramer prefers three other companies in the sector. They are

Walt Disney

(DIS) - Get Report


News Corp.





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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Yahoo!, URS and Nabors Industries.

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