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We're only "one country away" from $100-a-barrel oil, Jim Cramer told his

"RealMoney" radio show listeners Thursday, which means that the U.S. may finally turn to other energy sources.

If this happens, he said that the winner would be coal, since it is in abundant supply in North America.

So, he told listeners to take a look at


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, which pioneered a system that changes coal to oil. Plus, the company just got a huge contract to do work for China.

His favorite coal mining company is

Peabody Energy

(BTU) - Get Report

, which has the lowest sulfur coal. He said that if listeners are worried that Peabody has run too high, he would also bless buying

Arch Coal

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He said that companies levered to ethanol are coming in today on worries that the U.S. will lift its tariff on Brazilian ethanol. Brazil wants to ship to us, he said, but we levied a tariff to protect U.S. corn growers.

He likes

Archer Daniels Midland

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as a play on ethanol, as well as

MGP Ingredients

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. Even though this company doesn't yet make ethanol, he said that it can.

Cramer said that


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are the equipment plays on this trend. Rail companies should also go higher because they are used to transport coal and ethanol to the places where they are in demand.

In this sector he likes

Union Pacific

(UNP) - Get Report


Burlington Northern

( BNI).

Making the Rounds

Turning from energy to earnings, Cramer gave listeners a review of some of the day's most significant quarterly results, beginning with

Whole Foods

( WFMI). The company had missed earnings expectations for two straight quarters, but this time around it exceeded expectations. Plus, the company scrapped its dividend plans and reported 12% growth vs. forecasts for 9% growth.

"I think there's something big happening," he said. So, even though Whole Foods move up $6 after the announcement, he believes it could go to $80 from its current level near $69.

"Growth was much better than expected, and we on Wall Street are junkies for growth," he said.



, which conducts testing and measurement for fiber optic systems, reported a great quarter but got hammered.

Cramer said that this is still one of his favorite stocks and that the company is integral for video on demand. But it's up more than 100% year-on-year, so it makes sense that people are ringing the register and locking in profits, he said. It's down about 9%, and Cramer said he would wait for it to come in some more before building a position in the stock.

He said that

Electronic Arts

( ERTS), which just announced it will miss earnings forecasts for a third straight year, is "long-term good, short term -- a house of pain."

The company designs video games, and will eventually make some money as people pick up its games for their new Xbox and PlayStation machines.


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is the company to buy for right now, he said. But for a two-year period, he believes that Electronic Arts is right.

"Wake up


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. Wake up



. You should be buying

Electronic Arts," he said, adding that the company will see a lot of growth from advertisements that are being put into video games.

The Canadian gold mining company


( KRY) is a stock that Cramer said he gets a lot of emails about.

The company has gotten approval to work in the world's cheapest and largest unexplored gold mine, which happens to be located in Venezuela.

But even though Venezuela is "nationalizing everything," Crystallex got approval to drill, and its waiting for final approval from the Environmental Ministry. "I expect that approval any day," he said. He still blesses owning the stock and said that gold prices will go higher.

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