RealMoney Radio: American's Rising Standard

Cramer says good management enabled the company to overcome high costs and shrinking demand.
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When it seems hard to find a stock for tough times, take a look at

American Standard


, said Jim Cramer on his

"RealMoney" radio show Tuesday.

The air-conditioning and toilet manufacturing company's earnings report was "beyond good," he said, despite the fact that the commodities it buys are in bull mode.

No one thought that with copper and other metals at all-time highs, and with a slowing housing market, that the company would make its numbers, Cramer said. But American Standard "is doing well even without luxury of low commodity prices."

It managed to overcome high costs and shrinking demand because the company was able to execute, Cramer said. He attributed this performance to the leadership of Fred Poses, the company's chief executive "in good times and bad."

When the going gets tough, you have to look for and follow good management, he said.

Listeners who wanted to blame oil companies for high prices at the pump should look elsewhere for a scapegoat, Cramer said.

USA Today

reported that nine states have launched investigations into high gasoline prices, but have found no illegal activity among gas producers or sellers, Cramer said.

And the article cited experts who said that high fuel prices are due to the basic laws of supply and demand.

Gasoline demand in the U.S. is showing no signs of slowing, and countries such as China are using more energy, he said.

But the supply side is fraught with difficulties, and in places including Iraq, Iran and Nigeria it's impossible to guarantee that oil supply will remain stable and steady.

"Don't get upset ... profit from it," Cramer said. He told listeners that they must own at least one oil or drilling company.

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