Could you be more sick of


10,000 than I am? I don't think so. Let's just say we did it and move on already. Frankly, with all of this hoopla, I have to tell you I am more interested in the overseas markets than I have been in some time.

I have professed interest in Japan before, but I have been crying wolf for too long over there, so I know my credibility is nil. That said, the game is about money and I can't resist keeping my toes in the water -- and the water has risen to my ankle now! So email me all you want about how I have no right to like this market, my strategy is working.

My new focus is Brazil. Yes, horrible, worthless Brazil. The outflows have stopped. The new minister of finance could be the


of Brazil, a hedge fund manager turned business manager. Or maybe a cross between


and Bezos? Either way, you have to sit up and take notice.

Usual caveats: The economy is in a shambles -- so was Japan. There are very few solvent companies -- like Japan. The economy is in a depression -- so was (and is) Japan. Nevertheless, I am pulling the files and checking out the usual suspects and making some bets.

I thought I would never go back to Latin America after the fiascoes of the last few years. But it would be typical of the dogmatist to say, "I won't go there!" even when opportunity knocks. I save my dogmatism for politics.

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