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I like to alert you when I see real buying, when people are willing to pay up for stocks. Today there are large institutional buyers of the banks and the brokers. I have seen large takes of

Goldman Sachs

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, and I have noticed persistent buying in

Merrill Lynch



Wells Fargo

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I don't want to outthink this. I think this buying has to do with the cheery action in the bonds, coupled with the strong utility averages. We had a nice pullback in the banks these last few days, so this could simply be a reflection of rotation. But the buying is pronounced and aggressive.

How do I use this information? Every day there is some raid on the market, some totally scum-sucking-pig method of knocking the market down, usually by manipulating the always-hungry-for-negatives crowd in the press.

When it happens, you now know what I will be buying.

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Red Hots or Red Nots? Group getting hammered. Hanging on to a token amount of



, but I have a limited capacity for pain.

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