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Readers: React to Rubin's Resignation

What are the secretary's plans?


Robert Rubin's

leaving the


. Where's he going? Some say he should head the


. Heck, on


this morning

Mark Haines

suggested moving the Fed to New York, just so the native New Yorker would take the job.

What do you think Rubin should do? Go back to


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? Lecture? Start an Internet company? Let us know, and please include your full name.

Here's What Some Readers Had To Say ...

I think he should go to Disney World!


Frederique N. Sol

(received 5/12)

Robert Rubin should run for President!


Soman Mathai

(received 5/12)

Buy a lotto ticket, he's been the luckiest guy in the world -- so far.


Rich Fettig

(received 5/12)

Rubin should, preferably in this order:

Write a Book titled "How Al and I Saved the World."

Do an

American Express

commercial, "Do you know me? I kept the world from failing and put the US economy in its best position world-wide since forever."

Go fishing'

Spend a couple of months living like a hermit with his wife.

Go on the lecture circuit at $25,000 per event.

Join the board of directors for a handful of Internet stocks, taking his compensation in the form of non-employee director stock options.

Open a hot dog cart stand in front of the


charging $1,000 for a dog, $750 for a bag of chips and $500 for a Coke. (He'd probably make more money doing that than anything else.)


Curtis Ramsey

(received 5/10)

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He should take a position at



Lorraine Caccavale

(received 5/12)

I bet you could have yourself a new columnist. Otherwise, I would suggest "Cramer, Berkowitz & Rubin".


Michael Carroll

(received 5/12)

Take a breather with his wife & boys. Let a few job opportunity bidding wars take place until a favorable combination of circumstances arise.


Craig Christensen

(received 5/12)

I think it vital that Mr. Rubin devote considerable time to lecturing the MBA circuit. It will be important that these young people not enter into the financial community absent a clear understanding of the real economic world. Mr. Rubin personifies intelligent thinking that transcends time, politics, and social zeal.


Mark Wax

(received 5/12)

He should definitely start up some new business venture, and whatever this is I would like to invest in it. Anything that man touches turns to gold. I was at Goldman while he was there and he definitely took them in the right direction.


Annie Lammers

(received 5/12)

I'd love to see Mr. Rubin at the Fed.

If it takes a "move to NYC" as Mr. Haines suggested to get him there, then so be it. The Treasury will be hard pressed to continue the same or similar "market friendly" policies under Mr. Summers that Mr. Rubin put into place during the last 6 years.

On a policy level, I believe we will miss the services of Mr. Rubin.


Kent Morse

(received 5/12)

If we had a choice, I would like to see him groomed to take over for

Alan Greenspan

when he retires.


Darrell Maxwell

(received 5/12)

He should go back to GS and bask in his millions, and the prospects and dreams of multiplying those millions at the most prestigious and powerful firm on Wall St. He will have more power and influence than he did at the Treasury, fewer rules and better employees.


John Tansey

(received 5/12)

He should find a nice Island in the Caribbean and sip some Pina Coladas.


Scott Clark

(received 5/12)

What should Robert Rubin do? Like the proverbial 500 lb. gorilla, anything he wants!


Elden S. Kraus

(recieved 5/12)

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