Today's "Squawk Box" guest host

Jack Rivkin

of Citigroup was scoring an unlucky 13 out of 20 as of 1:30 p.m. EST. Will late votes be able to change Jack's luck? Let your

squawk be heard every morning this week beginning at 8 a.m. EST!

Reminds me of Marv Albert -- he's a color commentator of what already happened. Does not provide future expectations.


George F. Valle

Jack Rivkin is a great host. Informed, decisive and honest (as seen when he disclosed to DoubleClick's CEO that he sits on the board of 24/7 Media). Overall a very dynamic host.


Selwin Asafa

Liked how he threw in the fact that he was biased towards 24/7 Media! Pretty funny!


Samuel Sneed

Very insightful and good sense of humor


D. Hall

Boring ... not insightful.


Philip Chung

Looks as if he tied his tie using a funhouse mirror. Barbers still trim eyebrows, don't they?


Harry Carrick

Conventional Wisdom. Contrarians take note.


Bob Weber

He looks like he combed his hair in the dark!


Joe Glotz

When Jack commented that Intel would be in trouble in the future due to the proliferation of Internet devices, he was completely oblivious to the fact that Intel is a major supplier to the Internet server market. The Internet server chip market is growing in excess of 35% per year and it will soon eclipse a $10 billion market. At $1,000/chip for server chips, Intel can afford to sell a lot of Internet PCs.


Doug McLeod

Typical, pump the value investment and the hell with everything else.


Gary Lowman

He made me think he just makes this stuff up!


Dan Mills

Not too flashy, not dull. At least acts like he knows what he's talking about. He reminds me of that guy on

Law and Order

... Jerry Orbach.


John Bottger

Random Musing: Squawk Dream Team

Brian Fennerty, Art Cashin, Ron Insana, Maria Bartiromo, Mark Haines, Kathleen Hays, Hillary Clinton (Commodities).


Tom Hanley

The Squawk Dream Team for me ... JJC every day!


Matthew D. Mitchell

Brian Finnerty, Vince Farrell and Mario Gabelli.


Paul Lyle

Cramer, Julian Robertson and George Soros.


Michael Kiser