With his appearance this morning on


"Squawk Box,"

Mike Holland

, chairman of

Holland & Co.

, kicked off


Rate the Host week with an impressive showing. Polling begins at 8 each morning this week, so make sure your squawk gets heard!

Michael Holland is one of the brightest co-hosts they've had. He is in the Larry Kudlow and

James Cramer



Nick Draskovich

Talks out of both sides of his mouth. A very foolish man.


Edward Lohman

Mike Holland is a wealth of information. His low personal profile belies his investment savvy. I have attended the last three Louis Rukeyser Las Vegas Investment Seminars in which Mike has been a principal participant, and rightly so. I look forward to his repeated appearances on "Squawk Box."


Jeffrey J. Swan

Didn't have an agenda. I like that.


Bill Sisk

I've always appreciated Mike Holland's calm, sanguine approach to the game of investing. He never seems to take himself or the market too seriously.


Kimberly Hoover

Very smart guy, but little zip.


Kevin Kerr

Very uncompelling.


Joe Walsh

Who cares about personality? In a media-crazed world we are constantly making the mistake of valuing style over substance. Look at our president!


Edwin L. Bealer

Mike Holland is not a glamour boy or a comedian, or entertaining like James Cramer, but his comments and opinions are sound and thoughtful. He is one of the guest hosts I try to listen to and take notes on.


Margery Golat

Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter.


Harold Garner

Question of the Day: Favorite 'Squawk' Segment

The taste test between Papa John's and Pizza Hut as performed by Joe Kernen and David Faber, coupled with Mark Haines dogging Papa John's owner about fresh ingredients. A masterpiece.


Ron Carr

Two events come to mind: The day David Faber wore the hat in front of the courthouse during some takeover deal, about two years ago. The other was the day that Mark Haines and that lady got into a real shouting match on the air! Man, that was great TV! Also, the "Squawk Box" road tour last fall was a lot of fun: We got to see the team eating Philly cheesesteaks. We got to meet the senior Mr. Cramer when he showed up in the crowd during one of the outdoor shows, wearing one of those sharp




Bob Hayes

Jim Cramer going bonkers over Bill Gates having an attitude with the

Justice Department

! I mean, who do they think they are? This was back in the fall of 1998.


Chris Ward

There are so many it is hard to point to any one. However, the day Mark cut his tie was a great one.


Robert McLane

James Cramer asking Joe Granville if he will admit when he is wrong.


Scott Clark

I like the penguins!


Jerilyn Robinson

The day Barnum and Bailey were brought to the set. The "Dog Cam" was hilarious.


Gary Hargis