You want downtime? Try waiting in the halls of a hospital for three hours in a New York hospital as a loved one comes up from the recovery room.

We have a great staff at

Cramer Berkowitz

, and I barely need to stay in touch these days. That said, after finishing my book, two magazines and a speech for this Saturday's

Miami Herald

seminar, I was eager to touch base just for sanity's sake.

I have received a number of requests asking me how I do it when I am out. To which I say, pretty simple: I use my

Sierra Wireless

modem, which is hooked to

Bell Atlantic


service. It works great when I am not moving. It works OK when I am in the car.

Yesterday it was perfect. I hooked right into

, and I stayed in contact with my office through



Instant Messenger, which I love. Only after


fingers got too tired typing did I bother to get in touch with the office through my


(QCOM) - Get Report

phone with Bell Atlantic service.



doctor came out to give me an update on her wrist, he stared in amazement as I told my office the good news on IM and Jeff answered back that he would spread the word that my wife's surgery was a success. He didn't know that wireless had advanced to that state.

I told him the truth: Service is spotty outside New York. But it can't be beaten in Manhattan.

Random musings:

I don't think it will be so easy for


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to crack into


world. But maybe I am just such a big fan of

Mario Cart


Donkey Kong 64

, although both kids can beat me handily.

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