Right about now every day,

Jeff Berkowitz

and I go over our nemeses. For us that means kicking ourselves. I think this part of the day might have driven my wife out of the business. She couldn't take it. But Jeff and I are masochists, so we keep up the terrible tradition.

So, I will let you listen in to the rantings of a couple of competitive hedge-fund madmen.

"Hey, stupid, why did you sell the

Texas Instruments

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?" Jeff asks.

"For the same reason you got panicked out of the



, moron," I retort. Now we are into the volley.

"Hey, great job blowing out of the


(AMAT) - Get Report

when I love it." Nothing like leaving four big ones on the table." Nice passing shot, Jeff.

"Not as good as your super decision to load up the boat on


(ORCL) - Get Report

ahead of the boring

Morgan Stanley

meeting," I smash back. No way he can return that one.

"At least I didn't go on TV and say I liked



and then watch it go down a buck, while the rest of the banks are doing fine."

Game, set, match. Berko.

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