As of 3:30 p.m. EST, readers couldn't decide if today's "Squawk Box" guest host

Susan Byrne


Westwood Management

was at the head of the class or just the salutatorian (39% to 39%). Either way she's a winner as 70% of readers want to see her on "Squawk Box" in the future.

Here's what Susan's up against:

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Additional Comments:

I think Susan Byrne is insightful and a delightful personality on Squawk!


J. E. Hankins

She's not abrasive, egotistical, or aggressive. A breath of fresh air actually. She always adds a touch of humanity to our biz, despite quoting MITisms. Susan's a keeper.


Gary T. Sewell

I learned nothing this morning. I couldn't follow half of what she was saying because of the non-sequiturs.


Tim Fleming

Love her.


Joe Lyons

Beautiful, intelligent host who always provides unique insight. We could use more like her.


C. Jay Steigerwald III

A bit too conservative in her investment philosophy for me. However a delightful personality.


Sam Kassouf

When asked about who the market leaders should be, Susan gave a long-winded answer based on wishful thinking rather than any real insight. Her answer told me she really had no answer -- like the rest of us.


James Cameron

In addition she gave some good stock tips!


Denis K. W. Fong

Susan Byrne almost always brings to the discussion a few fresh and interesting comments. Her experience is particularly refreshing.


Kent Harman

Food stocks are going to replace tech as the market leader, give me a break!


George Smithwick

Very sharp, and more pleasant to look at than Cramer!


John Watson

Nothing of value to add. Always a dud.


Gary Lowman

Why don't we see more women on Squawk? They must be out there.


Mary Petrie

Susan Byrne always has intelligent and incisive things to say. She doesn't tease or vaguely suggest possibilities; she directly endorses particular sectors and stocks, and then actually remembers and revists her recommendations. I enjoy her enjoyment of the market, and her no-nonsense but very pleasant approach to stock specifics. A clear thinker and talker who could appear bi-weekly and continue to make many market mysteries much more comprehensible. Thanks, Ms. Byrne!


Susan Nichols

Random Musing: If "Squawk" could have one celebrity guest (outside of the financial community), who should it be?

Stephen Hawking, Dennis Miller or Madonna -- she knows how to run a business.


Darin Basile

Jack Nicholson! Who else?


Jay Payne

Michael Jordan.


Michael Kiser

Dr. J. -- a sharp, charity-minded and successful post-NBA Philadelphia businessman. Wouldn't you just love to hear his thoughts?


John Lippman

Jerry Seinfeld.


Richard Becker

Tony Blair. A model politician.


Bob Weber

Homer Simpson's outlook would fit in well. I'm sure he's a powerful interviewer too!


Paul Church

Others: Richard Branson, Michael "Gordon Gekko" Douglas and Jesse Jackson.