Like the Almighty, television provides for all. The sports-obsessed have


. The politically obsessed have the

McLaughlin Group

. The Pamela Anderson Lee-obsessed have


But for the investing-obsessed, no program is more beneficent than


's morning "Squawk Box."

Yet, sadly, unworthy guest hosts on "Squawk" test our faith. What's duller than a guest host who's "cautiously bullish"? What's the use of a host who lets CEOs drone on without asking them a single cogent question? And what's with those ugly ties?

As a public service, we will ask you, our readers, to rate the "Squawk" guest hosts. Each day this week, we'll take a poll asking readers to rate the day's guest host in such categories as insight, interviewing skills, personality (or lack thereof) and, of course, personal appearance.

When "Squawk Box" kicks off at 8 a.m. EST Monday morning, our poll will be ready too. So rush to judgment and cast your votes. At week's end, we'll announce the best, and worst, of the bunch. And yes, the results will go on their permanent records.