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Raising Some Selloff Powder

When the analysts emerge from their bunkers and start waving their buy flags, Cramer will be ready.

The shelling has ended. The analysts have emerged from their bunkers, and they are waving buy flags -- not surrender flags!

No kidding.

One of the reasons people buy on dips is that the analysts emerge the moment the coast is clear. And they have clout. They have power. They can move things back.

This pattern of the big selloff where the analysts hide in their bunkers and then emerge the next day is one of Wall Street's oldest and most respected traditions. It is something you can bank on.

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We are banking on it to make some sales of the stuff we bought at the close yesterday to get to a less long position for a potential failure of the first rally.

"Gotta raise some powder for the selloff," as my head trader, Todd Harrison, just yelled.

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