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So Qwest'sundefined board finally got up enough guts to oust CEO Joe Nacchio, overriding founder Phil Anschutz.

Disgust at the company's funding crisis, the

Securities and Exchange Commission

investigation and the collapse of Qwest stock ultimately left the board little choice but to ask for Nacchio's signature on the exit forms. Amazingly, the highly revered Anschutz saw his own credibility tumble from its lofty level, and he had to sign, too, resigning as nonexecutive chairman.

Despite the turmoil, the company couldn't have found a better replacement for the boisterously glib Nacchio. Richard Notebaert, ex-CEO of former regional Bell operating company Ameritech, is a solid and straightforward manager who knows how to work the RBOC game, something Nacchio never had a clue about.

We can finally expect Qwest to begin to resemble more of the other RBOCs such as SBCundefined, BellSouth (BLS) and Verizon (VZ) - Get Free Report, which I'm convinced are part of an elite group of ultimate winners in the communications services business.

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