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Putting the Fed to Bed

Now that the Street has stopped waiting for the ax to fall, it's time to focus on stocks.
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Two out of three ain't bad, I guess. People are thrilled with



-- talk about a good decision to walk away from a deal. (You think the



people are watching?) Commerce generated the upside; advertising was okay. But, lordy, we know this: DOT buyers love splits and Lycos delivered the goods! The after-market buyers seem to be encouraged, too, by

Applied Materials

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, particularly by the orders. Nice buying up a buck.

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But, bummer, they are not happy with


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. I just bought some at 41 and change, thinking that while in-line is not blow-out, it is not poison either. Looks boring on the surface; have to wait until the conference call.

The good news is that we can focus on stocks now. We don't have that shroud of the


over our heads. We will now begin a pattern where every soft macro number will ignite a rally and every strong number will immediately precipitate a selloff. That's an OK environment for stock pickers, but it is not too good if you are running around 100% long. You get the wrong number, and as my 7-year-old played in her piano recital the other night: "Pop Goes the Weasel."

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