Put on Your Crash Helmet!

Shortsellers and doubters of Intel are getting a nasty headslam of a comeuppance today.
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Oh, ye of little faith, you doubters and shortsellers of


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, you are getting your comeuppance today. A nasty headslam of a comeuppance. Intel's always like that. You have to go the opposite of what people are thinking at a given moment on Intel. This company has been written off more times than just about any company I know, and each time it comes roaring back when you least expect it.

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Earlier this week, after that downgrade, people were emailing me, pleading with me to say that Intel had lost it, or didn't know what it was doing. Others were pounding away at their short positions, telling me that gross margins were bad, or

Copper Mine

was imploding or

Advanced Micro Devices

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had finally gotten the


accounts. To which I say: (*&%(*&%(*&$&*$!

Intel is rapidly evolving into a communications-chip company, as I

said the other day on my



chat. You can't keep this company down, because it reinvents itself constantly.

Right before I left


(and well before that jerk Bestman of Julie and Brad's was shooting his mouth off), I wrote that Intel had just had a huge run and it was time to double down, not sell. It was my best call ever.

I don't know if this is one of those times to double down again. But I do know that selling here seems pretty stupid to me.

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