Building a mutual fund portfolio just got easier.

In today's Portfolio Therapy, Dagen McDowell offers listeners the three quick ways to put together a smart, stable roster of funds. And, Dagen goes one step further: She names names, doling out a few choice funds worthy of your consideration.

Also, in today's Q&A session, Dagen tackles some thorny questions, including how to go about picking funds within your 401(k) plan.

Lastly, the newest Rant gets directed at those misguided investors out there who confuse luck with skill. Everybody gets lucky timing the market, but there's a big difference between luck and skill: one runs out. offers Dagen McDowell's Portfolio Therapy every Tuesday and Thursday. In each 20-minute Webcast, Dagen gives listeners sound financial advice, answers to tough investing questions and lively rants against the excesses and abuses on Wall Street. Click on the accompanying tile above to listen to today's Portfolio Therapy. You can also check out Dagen's previous sessions.