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Please, Stop Me Before I Take Stock Again

An offering the size of a house surfaced -- and I had to make a move.
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Stop me before I take stock again.

I just grabbed 5,000 shares of

Nose Tackle


at 41 1/4 and am bidding 41 plain for another 5,000. I decided to seize the moment when I saw


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ramp up and out of their morasses.

Now an offering the size of a house surfaces at 41 1/2 and I sense that I was overeager, but I had to make a move, I had to get some in when the tape turned. My thinking: The guy weighing on it, unless he is blind, will see that the rest of the market has now ramped and all of those hedge-fund shorts are getting squeezed.

This is a vulnerable move. Much of this ramp has been futures-related. When the futures die down the seller might come back and slam this stock back to 41.

But if I am to recover from this broken trade I feel I have to make a move now. Discipline? Research? Gut? Whatever.

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Red Hots romping. Figures.

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