What do you do with that counter-trend stuff? What do you do with your banks that are rallying and your food stocks and drugs stocks that have spring? Is this the beginning of a whole new market?

Ah shucks, I knew you would ask that. To me it isn't. It is an opportunity to let go some of the real losers that are up on a group move, but hold on to the winners.

For example, we are letting some drug stuff go and we are doing a small trim of our banks. We want to put the money in some hard-hit tech that we like more at these levels. Sure it makes us more concentrated but we don't think there is anything new happening. We are still in the gut-wrenching it's-not-going-to-hold


and we want to have money ready for the I-can't-take-it-anymore-why-did-I-go-into-the-hedge-fund-business inquiries.

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Can't be far away from the real sucker punch in NDX now.

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