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Playing Catch-Up

Call today's column my Technical Forum catch-up play.
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Yes, I know. I'm running


behind on my columns. But, hey, blame it on Lord


, who threw that

Dirty Thirty series my way, necessitating that plow through an extra 30 charts. Why, that's the equivalent of nearly four extra columns!

And you know me. Shoot, I'm Mr. Glib, but even my charm goes only so far.

So, after a brief two days off, let me clean up the rest of the Technical Forum backlog. As for next week, send all queries to I'll be the one straining hard to keep up.

Because That's Where the Money Is

Gary: I am looking at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange/KBW Bank Stock Index, or BKX, and all the bank stocks. Everyone appears to have decided that the Fed is done. This index is nearing a 52-week high. What does your chart analysis say about this? Scott Silver

Love Those Gap Ups

Gary: I'd like to check with you in regards to RealNetworks (RNWK) - Get Report. The charts looks promising on the upside, as indicated by the gap-up price formed last Friday -- as well as a nice double-bottom formation there. I think 51 would be the price target for this. Jimmy Eskimo

The Trend Is Your Friend

Gary: Take a look at Bluestone Software (BLSW) and let me know what you think. Gary Phillips

Half a Loaf

Gary: Can you take a look at Whole Foods (WFMI) ? It's behaving rather strangely lately. Jim Gleason

Two Things to Like Here

Gary: What is your read on Akamai Technologies (AKAM) - Get Report over the next two weeks? Ted Moy

A Short Story

Gary: What about Navistar (NAV) - Get Report? The P/E is 4, and it has a good product line: trucks, school buses and engines. It claims the ability to make money during slow times. Is this just an ugly business or a diamond in the rough? John Troup

Not With My Money...

Gary: Now that the initial lockup on United Parcel (UPS) - Get Report stock has expired and six months has elapsed since the IPO, what do you think of the stock? Any big upside to the Big Brown Machine (especially with Christmas coming up in six months)? Tom Hill

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