Play the Greenspan Game Here - TheStreet

Hoo-boy, another


meeting. Once again, the financial markets are getting ready to hang on every word

Alan Greenspan

says on Tuesday.

Problem is, the words Greenspan says include such grabby, knock-em-out phrases like "Supervisors expect institutions to prepare business resumption contingency plans" and "Business restructuring and the synergies of the new technologies have enhanced productive efficiencies."

Snooze. We've had our fill of the chairman's opaque expositions -- there's an ironic, bile-spewing quipper in there somewhere. After all, most people count him as the most important guy in this country right now, even though he sometimes could put espresso to sleep.

So, if there's one thing we want, it's for Greenspan to bust out -- and let us know what he's really thinking. We've put together an alternate take on what Greenspan should say when he addresses the markets again (probably a week or two after this meeting).

We'd like to humbly submit our starter kit for the Fed chair's consideration. Fed watchers, as evidenced by their obsession, are dying for drama. Give the people what they want and build your alternaspeech