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Planning for an Unlikely Ramp

It's a possibility the trader initially disregarded. But now he is reconsidering.
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Sometimes the market rewards the least likely scenario. And what would that be?

We start going up from the get-go and we keep going higher. A scenario in which we bottomed Friday. A scenario in which the tax selling is done and the overseas markets are just reflecting Friday's action.

Could that happen?

Abby Joseph Cohen

was very constructive. The earnings this morning look great. And, most important, A LOT OF PEOPLE GOT SHORT FRIDAY BETTING THAT MONDAY WOULD BE EVEN WORSE AND NOW THEY HAVE TO CONTEND WITH A RALLY AT THE OPENING.

It bothers me that the one thing that we didn't discuss this morning was a ramp right back up. We ruled it out.

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Something to think about.

Random musings:

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